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Make Your Own Solar Oven

Solar CooKitThe first oven we are going to feature is the Solar Cookit! The CooKit was developed by Solar Cookers International to provide a cheap, effective alternative to some of the more expensive solar cookers. If you would like to find out more about the Solar CooKit you can visit their web page.

Below you will find an instructional video that lasts about 15 minutes. In that video we will show you a quick overview of the oven building process, give you some tips on construction, and force you to hear the word "OK" said over and over again. (I had no idea I liked that word so much!)

Below the video you will find links to the pattern files you will need to make your own Solar CooKit.

1 - 48" x 36" peice of cardboard or corrugated plastic (buying bigger 4' x 8' sheets is often much cheaper than the small sizes.
1 - roll of ~2" x 50 yards aluminum foil metal repair tape (I like the Duck brand that Wal-Mart sells for around $7.50)
1 - 48" ruler (or a tape measure and a 4-foot long straight edge)
1 - Pair of scissors
1 - Box knife
1 - Ballpoint Pen



Pattern Files

Accurate Cook-It Pattern for 8.5x11 Printers

Accurate Cook-It Pattern Tape Layout

Accurate Cook-It Pattern 22x28 uncut


Other Ovens

Some people have asked us where we got our awesome parabolic stoves. They are called Solar Burners and this is the site where we purchsed ours: Solar Cooker at Cantina West.

Information on the All Season Solar Cooker and plans for building it are located here.


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